Recent Submissions

  • POLI 1291 / PUB 4930 A Topics: Healthcare Policy 

    Leibowitz, Neil (2021-01)
    Course Description: An overview of healthcare policy in the U.S. Topics include The U.S. Healthcare System, Insurance, Government Entitlements, Payment Mechanisms This course provides an introduction to the social, ...
  • BIO3221 / PUB3221: Nutrition - Fall 2021 

    Weinreb, Raizy (2021-09)
    Fundamental principles of nutrition for healthy living of the individual and the family. The course covers digestion, absorption, metabolism, and function of nutrients. It explores safe food practices for individuals. ...
  • PSYC 3610; PUB 3610; SOCI 1233 Public Health 

    DiLorenzo, Terry (2021-09)
    This course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in public health including epidemiology, psychological and sociocultural contexts of health, health promotion and health disparities, the U.S. healthcare system, ...