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    • Elegy for Odessa 

      Botman, Selma; Olson, Jess; Wisse, Jacob; Vinokur, Val; Glaser, Amelia (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-03-28)
      A round table of historians and political scientists discuss the history and current situation in Odessa. Opening remarks by Dr. Selma Botman, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs. Contributors include: Dr. Val Vinokur, ...
    • Trauma and Repair: Psychologists and Social Workers Reflect on the Ukraine Crisis 

      Holderness, J.B.; Botman, Selma; Olson, Jess; Bate, Jordan; Békés, Vera; Beckerman, Nancy; Henshaw, Lisa (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-04-04)
    • Ukraine Under Attack: The Unfolding Situation in Ukraine [Roundtable] [video] 

      0000-0001-6796-489X; 0000-0002-5865-589X; Berman, Ari; Zimmerman, Joshua; Pilnik, Shay; Karlip, Joshua; Zaitseva, Maria; Olson, Jess; Shvetsov, Dina (Yeshiva University Library, 2022-02-28)
      A roundtable of historians and political scientists discuss the unfolding situation in Ukraine. Opening remarks by President Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman. Contributors include: Dr. Jess Olson, Associate Professor of Jewish ...
    • Ukraine: Past, Present, Future 

      Berman, Ari; Szany, Kelley; Weitzman, Mark; Pilnik, Shay; Sharansky, Natan; Kwasniewski, Aleksander; Kavatsiuk, Ruslan (The Fish Center ; Yeshiva University Libraries, Yeshiva University, 2022-03-13)
      The Fish Center and Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center with an outstanding opportunity to listen to a live, first hand account of what is happening in the Ukraine today, the history and current situation at the Babyn Yar ...
    • War by Other Means: The Legal, Cyber and Economic Fronts in the War in Ukraine 

      0000-0002-0338-2249; Botman, Selma; Perelis, Ronnie; Kahn, James; Tehila, Sivan; Pearlstein, Deborah N. (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-03-09)
      Yeshiva University round table discussion on the crisis in the Ukraine.