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  • PSY1107 / HBSI1107: Human Communication 

    Galantucci, Bruno (2020-09)
    Course description. This course familiarizes students with a set of diverse scientific perspectives on human communication. These perspectives cover psychological and social aspects of human communication, providing ...
  • PSY3804: Psychobiology 

    Schecter, Ari (2021-01)
    Course Description: This course will introduce and explore core concepts related to psychobiology, namely the biological basis of mental states and behavior. Topics will include nerve cells and impulses, synaptic transmission, ...
  • PSY2414: Abnormal Psychology 

    Isaacs, Jenny (2020-09)
    Course description and objectives: This is a general survey course in the area of abnormal psychology. The 1st third of the course will provide a brief overview of central issues in the field of abnormal psychology, ...
  • PSY2150: Cognitive Psychology 

    Cohen, Anna-Lisa (2021-01)
    Course Philosophy: The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the study of human cognition: how we perceive the world, remember, reason, think, and learn. This course will present an overview of cognitive psychology; ...
  • PSY2100: Experimental Psychology 

    Cohen, Anna-Lisa (2021-01)
    Course Philosophy: I hope to take you through the experimental process from start to finish. You will experience how a researcher forms the kernel of a research idea, formulates a hypothesis, tests that hypothesis, analyzes ...
  • PSY 1130: Developmental Psychology II 

    Schnall, Eliezer (2020-01)
    Course Description and Objectives In this course we will explore adult development from a variety of perspectives. Our discussions will emphasize physical, cognitive, and social development, and also problems that may ...
  • PSY1110: Developmental I: Child 

    Glicksman, Stephen (2021-01)
    Biological, psychological, and social factors that enter into the development of children from birth to pre-adolescence; correlations between childhood development and formation of adult personality. Prerequisite: PSY 1010.
  • PSY1010: Introduction to Psychology 

    Isaacs, Jenny (2020-09)
    In this course you should gain the following: 1. A basic understanding of a broad range of topics in the field of psychology. Obviously we cannot cover the whole field of psychology in one course, but you should leave the ...
  • PSY1021: Statistics for Psychology 

    Isaacs, Jenny (2020-01)
    In this course you should gain the following: 1. The ability to understand & explain to others statistical analyses & be an educated & critical consumer of statistics. 2. A preparation for more advanced courses in ...
  • SOC2502 / HBSI1009: Interrogating Masculinities 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2016-09)
    in the social sciences. Students will examine the complexity of human behavior and/or social institutions and draw conclusions from empirical research through the theoretical approaches of at least two social science ...
  • SOC1001: Introduction to Sociology 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2020-09)
    Overview What is sociology? The answer depends on who you ask. Even founders of the discipline did not typically agree: Emile Durkheim said that sociology is the objective, scientific study of social facts as things, much ...
  • STA2021: Introduction to Statistics 

    Malka, Ariel (2020-09)
    Course Description: This course introduces students to applied statistics for the social sciences. Course content includes the basic concepts and terminology of statistics, the display of data, re search designs in social ...
  • MAT 2462: Mathematical Statistics 

    Roldan, Pablo (2021-09)
    This course focuses on the theory underlying statistical techniques employed in almost every phase of life: Surveys are designed to collect early returns on election day and forecast the outcome of an election. Consumers ...
  • MAT2105: Linear Algebra 

    Musser, Maxwell (2021-01)
    Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, matrices, matrix algebra; vector spaces, linear transformations, similarity; inner product spaces; determinants; eigen-values and eigenvectors, diagonalization; quadratic ...
  • MAT/COM 1504: Discrete Structures 

    Roldan, Pablo (2019-01)
    Prerequisite Three years of high school mathematics (exposure to proofs at an informal level, real numbers, integers, rationals, complex numbers, vectors, functions, divisibility, primes, factoring) and an interest in ...
  • MATH1510: Multivariable Calculus 

    Belbruno, Edward (2020-09)
    Vectors, vector functions and curves; functions of several variables, partial derivatives; multiple integrals, Jacobians; vector fields, line and surface integrals; theorems of Green, Gauss, and Stokes.
  • MAT1413: Calculus II 

    Chen, Wenxiong (2020-01)
    First semester: limits, continuity, derivatives; applications to graphing, maxima and minima, and related rates; mean value theorem; integration, fundamental theorem of the calculus, integration by substitution. Second ...
  • MAT1410: Fundamentals of Calculus 

    Tong, Bo (2021-09)
    This introductory Calculus course is designed for students majoring in biology, pre-health sciences, or any other major except mathematics/computer science/physics/engineering/chemistry. This course provides the fundamental ...
  • MAT2601: Differential Equations 

    Marini, Antonella (2020-09)
    Classification of differential equations; existence and uniqueness of solutions; initial-value problems, boundary value problems; power series methods, integral transforms; numerical algorithms and error estimation; ...
  • MAT1520-1521: Advanced Calculus I and II 

    Marini, Antonella (2020-09)
    Real numbers, limits, intrinsic properties of continuous functions, differentiability and integrability, uniform convergence, implicit and inverse function theorems, point-set topology, metric spaces, curves and surfaces.

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