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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969A circular model for an interacting Fermi gasCarmi, Gideon; Lebowitz, Joel L.; Landovitz, Leon F.; Witteles, Eleonora Meira
1975A history of finite group theory in the United States: 1888-1916Grosof, Miriam S.; Flatto, Leopold; Newman, Donald J.; Woodruff, Arthur E .; Craig, Robert T.
1970A history of relativity: The role of Henri Poincaré and Paul LangevinCuvaj, Camillo
1966An N-Dimensional Muntz-Jackson TheoremNewman, Donald J.; Passow, Eli Aaron
1967Analysis of an ultrafast discharge in air produced by a megavolt pulse systemShuchatowitz, Joshua
1971Approaches to the synthesis of macrolidesBorowitz, Irving J.; Snyder, James P.; Pomerantz, Martin; Fujimoto, George; Goldstein,; Gross, Leonard
1972Approximation by invertibles and extensions of the indexCoburn, Lewis A.; Berger, Charles A.; Lebow, Arnold; Gartenberg, Michael
1966Approximation to separated functions on Cartesian product spacesRauch, Harry E.; Newman, Donald J·,; Flatto, Leopold; Koranyi, Adam; Grosof, Miriam Schapiro
1968Asymptotic Relations Between Differential And Difference EquationsNewman, Donald J.; Flatto, Leopold; Lewittes, Joseph; Gerber, Leon E.
1972Boundary limits of h('p)-functions in tube domainsKorányi, Ádám; Sawyer, Stanley; Putz, Robert B.; Hughes, Anne
1967Completeness Theorems for Special Classes of Trigonometric PolynomialsFEINERMAN, ROBERT PHILIP
1966Conjugate points on homogeneous spacesRauch, Harry E.; Newman, Donald J.; Flatto, Leopold; Koranyi, Adam; Chavel, Isaac
1982Difference equation methods for solution of partial differential equationsEhrenpreis, Leon; Lebow, Arnold; Rosenfeld, Norman; Kohn, Meryle Cherrick
1970Dual symmetric theory and the harmonic oscillator model of hadrons.Susskind, Leonard; Aharonov, Yakir; Frye, Graham; Gallardo, Juan Carlo
1974Ergodic Theory and Infinite-SystemsLebowitz, Joel L.; Lanford, III, Oscar E.; Newman, Donald E.; GOLDSTEIN, SHELDON
1975Ergodic theory in statistical mechanicsLebowitz, Joel L.; Landford, III, Oscar E.; Penrose, Oliver; Aizenman, Michael
1984-06Existence and completeness of wave operators in two Hilbert spacesSchechter, Martin; Lebow, Arnold; Rosenfeld, Norman; Altabet, Meryl J.
1972Formation and synthetic utility of enol phosphorylated speciesPomerantz, Martin; Snyder, James P.; Goldstein, Martin; Seifter, Eli; Crouch, Rosalie Kelsey
1970General properties of dual models: Conformal invarianceSusskind, Leonard; Frye, Graham; Behrends, Ralph; Galli, Alicia J. Couto