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Title: Miracles and the natural order in Nahmanides
Authors: Berger, David
Twersky, Isadore
Keywords: Naḥmanides, approximately 1195-approximately 1270.
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: Harvard UP
Citation: Berger, B. (1983). Miracles and the natural order in Nahmanides. In Isadore Twersky, (Ed.), Rabbi Moses Nahmanides (Ramban): Explorations in his religious and literary virtuosity (pp. 107-128). Harvard University Press.
Series/Report no.: Bernard Revel Faculty Publications;
Abstract: The centrality of miracles in Nahmanides' theology cannot escape the attention of even the most casual observer, and his doctrine of the hidden miracle exercised a particularly profound and abiding influence on subsequent Jewish thought. Nevertheless, his repeated emphasis on the miraculous—and particularly the unrestrained rhetoric of a few key passages—has served to obscure and distort his true position, which was far more moderate, nuanced and complex than both medieval and modem scholars have been led to believe. (from Introduction)
Description: Scholarly chapter
ISBN: 0674745604
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