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Title: DNA in Halakhah
Authors: Bleich, J. David
Keywords: DNA --Religious aspects --Judaism
Jewish law
blood typing
establishing paternity
Jewish gene
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Ktav
Citation: Bleich, J. D. (2021). DNA in Halakhah. KTAV Publishing House.
Series/Report no.: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law: Faculty Publications;
Abstract: "Judaism and Jewish law are eternal and immutable. But the world changes and presents novel challenges. Modern science and developing technology create facts on the ground that raise relevant contemporary questions of which Halakhah must take cognizance. Fingerprint examination, blood typing and DNA matching were all unknown until recent decades. Jewish law posits strict laws of evidence and generally excludes circumstantial evidence for most purposes. Rabbi Bleich's comprehensive work explores the nature of DNA evidence in establishing paternity, the relief of agunot, mamzerut, inheritance, identity as a Jew and as a kohen, the so-called "Jewish" gene and the kohen gene." -- Publisher's description. Source: Publisher
Description: Book.
ISBN: 9781602804432
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