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Title: Deliberate practice in child and adolescent psychotherapy
Authors: Bate, Jordan
Prout, Tracy A
Rousmaniere, Tony
Vaz, Alexandre
0000-0002-3650-5890 Prout
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: APA: American Psychological Association
Citation: Bate, J., Prout, T. A., Rousmaniere, T., & Vaz, A. (2022). Deliberate practice in child and adolescent psychotherapy. American Psychological Association.
Series/Report no.: Ferkauf Graduate School Faculty Publications;
Abstract: Deliberate practice exercises help students and trainees rehearse fundamental child and adolescent psychotherapy skills to develop basic competence and hone their own personal therapeutic style. ____ Each book in the Essentials of Deliberate Practice series contains customized exercises consisting of role-playing scenarios in which two trainees act as a client and a therapist, switching back and forth under the guidance of a supervisor. The trainee playing the therapist improvises appropriate and authentic responses to a series of client statements organized into three difficulty levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—that reflect common problems and concerns encountered by practitioners who work with children and adolescents. ____ The first 12 exercises each focus on a single skill, such as observing and elaborating on play, exploring identity through a multicultural orientation, and addressing difficult issues like safety concerns and sex. These are followed by two comprehensive exercises—an annotated transcript and free-form mock therapy sessions—in which trainees integrate these essential skills into a single session. ____ Step-by-step instructions guide participants through the exercises, identify criteria for mastering each skill, and explain how to monitor and adjust difficulty. Guidelines and forms to help trainers and trainees get the most out of training are also provided.
Description: Book
ISBN: 978-1-4338-3748-7
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