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Title: Rabbi Kook's Kabbalat Ha-Rabim: A study in communal consensus
Authors: Carmy, Shlomo
Book, Chaim
Book, Chaim B.
Keywords: Jewish philosophy
Kook, Abraham Isaac, 1865-1935
Kook, Abraham Isaac, 1865-1935 -- Writings
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Yeshiva University
Citation: Book, C. B. (2023). Rabbi Kook's Kabbalat HaRabim: A Study in Communal Consensus [Undergraduate honors thesis, Yeshiva University].
Series/Report no.: Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Theses;2023
Abstract: __The thesis first elucidates the foundational models within the Jewish halakhic tradition available to Rabbi Kook. We then explore the historical and intellectual milieu in which Rabbi Kook's thoughts took shape. Subsequently, the focus turns to Rabbi Kook's own writings on the subject, delving into the nuances of his ideas. The final section probes practical questions and applications arising from Rabbi Kook's idea. __Acknowledging the potential controversy surrounding the interpretations of many of these sources, this thesis adopts a stance of not seeking to conclusively prove the idea but rather to present where a compelling case can be made and elucidate the underlying assumptions. __In the realm of scholarly research, it is not uncommon to feel that every topic has been exhaustively explored. Nevertheless, this paper aspires to offer a fresh perspective, and hopes to be a valuable resource for those seeking a thorough understanding of Kabbalat HaRabim and its implications within Jewish thought. (from Introduction)
Description: Undergraduate honors thesis / Open Access
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