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Title: The Day of Atonement: A case study of Orthodox engagement with biblical criticism
Authors: Carmy, Shalom
Putterman, Noam
Keywords: Leviticus 16
Day of Atonement
Critical Biblical scholarship
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Publisher: Yeshiva University
Citation: Putterman, N. (2023, October). The Day of Atonement: A case study of Orthodox engagement with biblical criticism [unpublished undergraduate thesis, Yeshiva University].
Series/Report no.: Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Theses;January 2024
Abstract: This thesis paper originally began as an assignment for a course entitled “Introduction to Biblical Hebrew,” which I took with Professor Ari Adler in the Spring of 2022. In the final assignment of that course we had to choose a chapter in Tanakh, parse the verbs, and note 10 comments of the commentaries which centered upon textual issues, explaining the textual difficulty and the resolution offered. For some unexplained reason I chose Leviticus 16, and in the course of studying the chapter I came across Jacob Milgrom’s work on the chapter published in the Anchor Bible series. I was taken by the breadth of his scholarship and his ability to cull from a diverse arsenal of sources, Orthodox and academic. Indeed, I relied heavily on his assiduous commentary in crafting my final assignment on Leviticus 16. This thesis is an outgrowth of that initial intellectual effort. Before we officially begin I must state a critical disclaimer. In the intellectual circles that contour Yeshiva University’s student body, it not obvious that studying critical Biblical scholarship is an endeavor befitting of all Orthodox Jews. As I note in my conclusion, there are certain dangers in confronting such materials, and those dangers have lead significant Jewish communities to outlaw any engagement with any sort of critical Biblical scholarship. As such, I gently remind the interested reader who stumbles upon this thesis that he must make a calculated decision, perhaps with the help of a Rabbinic mentor, whether engagement with such sources is desirable or even acceptable. Certainly, I fervently hope that this thesis only serves להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה , and that, God forbid, שלא יארע תקלה על ידי , and thus I proffer this prefatory note not to warn the reader but perhaps to ensure that his decisions are thoughtful and deliberate.
Description: Unpublished honors thesis / Opt Out
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