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    • Angels. 

      Angel, Joseph; Walsh, Matthew (Oxford University Press, 2014-08)
      Angels are supernatural beings who serve a variety of functions in biblical literature. The term most often used to denote angels in the Hebrew Bible, mal’ak, means “messenger.” The Septuagint frequently translates mal’ak ...
    • On the Rise and Fall of Canaanite Religion at Baalbek: A Tale of Five Toponyms . 

      Steiner, Richard C (Journal of Biblical Literature, 2009)
    • Sex or power? The crime of the single girl in Deuteronomy 22. 

      Koller, Aaron (Harrassowitz Verlag, 2010)
      (From Conclusions): In sum, this study has argued that the law of the slandered bride is not primarily about sex. It is a law about power, in particular the power of the parents over their daughter’s sexuality, and is ...