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  • Should the world intervene when a country refuses disaster relief? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiser, Robert (Washington, DC: ©2020 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc., 2020-02-13)
  • Library Book Talks: Moshe Sokolow Book Lecture. February 10, 2020 

    Sokolow, Moshe (New York, NY: Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2020-02-10)
    Dr. Moshe Sokolow discusses his book "Reading the Rav: Exploring Religious Themes in the Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik." Recorded February 10th, 2020 in Belfer Hall, Yeshiva University.
  • YU Ideas : Israel at 70. Podcast. 

    Novick, Rona; Neugroschl, CB; Kahn, Josh (New York, NY: Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., 2018-08-10)
    Israel Education at 70 What are the challenges and opportunities of educating today's teens towards a love of Israel? Join leading educators Dr. Rona Novick, dean of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education & ...
  • YU Ideas : Israel at 70. 

    Berman, Ari; Regenbuam, Ilan; Katz, Jill; Stone, Suzanne Last; Cohen, Zafrira Lidovsky; Weiner, Debra; Bernstein, Jacob (New York, NY: Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., 2018-08-10)
  • Horeb 14-15. 

    Belkin, Samuel; Hirschberg, H.Z.; Bornstein, Shimon; FELDBLUM, MEYER S.; Malachi, Eliezer Raphael; Szajkowski, Zosa; Weiss, Abraham (New York, NY: Teachers Institute for Men.Yeshiva University., 1960)

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