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  • Abstracts '88 

    Feit, Carl; Scheiner, Marc; Oppenheim, Michael; Burnstein, Yochanan; Weiss, Sara; Bloom, Miriam; Lipschitz, Leah (Sigma Delta Rho. Yeshiva University., 1988)
  • The Clarion ; Winter 2006 

    Bevan, Ruth A.; Goldsmith, Alan; Baer, Eliana; Levinson, Rachel; Rivkin, Simcha; Solomon, Daniel; Schwartz, Hart (Joseph Dunner Political Science Society. Yeshiva University., 2006)
  • The Clarion ; Spring-Fall 2002 

    Bevan, Ruth A.; Zilber, Jeremy; Michaels, Dovid (J.P. Dunner Political Science Society. Yeshiva University., 2002)
  • The YU Clarion 1(1) ; Winter-Spring 1988 

    Bevan, Ruth A.; Nulman, Efrem; Kaminetzky, Benjamin; Bernath, Stuart Ian; Stangen, Judy; Lasher, Lisa (Political Science Society. Yeshiva University, 1989-11-07)
  • Gesher ; 3(1) June 1966 

    Soloveichik, Joseph B.; LAMM, NORMAN; Agus, Irving; Hochbaum, Jerry; BRAYER, MENACHEM M.; Mikroy, Nosan; Kaplan, Lawrence; Kasdan, MENACHEM M.; Berkowitz, William C.; Gottlieb, Isaac Boaz; GROSSMAN, LAWRENCE I.; Lewis, Justin; Wikler, Joseph; Strikovsky, Aryeh ([New York] : Student Organization of Yeshiva, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University., 1966-06)

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