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  • Effects of aging on gender differences in financial markets. 

    Shao, Ran; Wang, Na (Economics Bulletin, 2015-03-30)
    Gender differences in risk-taking and investment decisions have been widely documented in the financial markets. Utilizing trading information from individual investor brokerage accounts, this paper explores the effects ...
  • Generalized Coarse Matching. 

    Shao, Ran (Elsevier, 2016-11)
    This paper analyzes the problem of matching two heterogeneous populations, such as men and women. If the payoff from a match exhibits complementarities, it is well known that, absent any friction, positive assortative ...
  • Voting and optimal provision of a public good. 

    Shao, Ran; Zhou, Lin (Elsevier, 2016-02)
    In this paper, we study the optimal provision of a costly public good using an average efficiency crite- rion. For every fixed cost, we identify a quota mechanism as the optimal mechanism among those that are dominant- ...
  • Optimal Allocation of an Indivisible Good. 

    Shao, Ran; Zhou, Lin (Elsevier, 2016-11)
    In this paper, we consider the problem of allocating an indivisible good efficiently between two agents with monetary transfers. We focus on allocation mechanisms that are dominant-strategy incentive compatible when agents' ...